A Restart to Learn Web Development

I’ve been spending my time learning what I need to know to start developing  an online application.   I had something running using free web hosting. The site seems to be unavailable at the moment so have modified this post so no one will be misdirected.

I’d been encouraged and helped to get started by the developer of Verse Locker, which you can find here connected to Scripture Memory Fellowship, https://scripturememory.com/verselocker. (Thank you, DL.)

At times I’ve felt like I’ve been beating my head against the wall, but through it all I’ve learned (and remembered).

In my case, the old adage needs to modified from “Can an old dog learn new tricks?” to “Can an old dog remember the tricks once known?” Even though, right now, I don’t have access to my notes from the php/MySql application I wrote over 10 years ago, I think I’m remembering how to do this stuff well enough.

I ask those of you who are proficient at php/MySQL, html, C++, and the rest to have mercy on me. I’ve been away from full-time programming for a very long time. However, it’s interesting, now, since there is no pressure, I find I am able to spend 14 hours a day at it.  I  made every mistake but I am making the same-old mistakes far less frequently. I’m not forgetting semi-colons as often, nor am I forgetting as often there needs to be two equal signs for comparisons. Remember, I’m really, really rusty at this, and even back then, I did not have as much “time on the court” as your average programmer. I got involved more in quality control and continued programming support. When I last was programming full time some of my colleagues were still insisting on coding in assembler and patched their code in binary. When I first got started some people where still punching out programs on 80 column cards.

I found out one thing, the hard way, about the free web hosting I’m using to get started. It seems the free version doesn’t allow me to access the database from my php programs, correct me if I’m wrong. I can get at the database with phpMyAdmin, but I am frustrated as I try to get at the database from my php code. Finally I did a search and found some references in forums, including Stack Overflow, which claimed the free version has limitations on how the database can be accessed. I figure I must have run up against it.


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