Declared Myself Redundant

Photo by Jim Wilson on Unsplash

Since mid-January I had been relearning what I once knew, over ten years ago, about writing code for applications to run on the internet. I got started again because I thought the world needed a particular kind of application to help people pray. I need such an application for myself and I thought others would be helped as well.

Yesterday my spouse did a web search with a well-phrased search string. She achieved the discovery of a prayer-prompt application far better and more sophisticated than the one I had started to develop.

I do not want to reinvent the wheel so I declared myself redundant.

Photo by Jon Toney on Unsplash

Here you go! I present to you the prayer application my spouse pointed out to me…

I found PrayerMate has the function I thought I needed and more besides. I now can use PrayerMate to get the help I need and even things I hadn’t thought of. I had tried some other other prayer apps but they seemed to lack a few capabilities I felt would help me the most.

I’d tried these two in particular. They are good, for as are as they go. Echo Prayer and Prayer Chain Online.

I had been writing my version of a prayer application and at the same time dreaming up a way to write fiction where readers could participate in the story like actors in a play, but with much more improvisation. My spouse alerted me to one more thing yesterday. She said there would be problems of liability if people participating had unanticipated negative consequences from taking part. What if a person had anything from a loss of sleep to some kind of melt-down?

I dropped both projects.

I’m left with the story itself. I guess I’m back to writing fiction in a more traditional manner.

I will be refocusing this blog and my Prayer Locker website on writing the story, but without the reader participation I had been thinking of implementing.

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