Provision and Protection

Parts of this prayer are taken from John and Staci Eldredge Wild at Heart Extended Daily Prayer  Click here for the page where permission has been granted, as long as appropriate credit is given.

Holy Spirit, please lead this time of prayer and pray with us. In all of this prayer, we include everyone we hope our prayers will cover, especially our families.

Jesus, please cover all those for whom we are praying, especially our family members, with Your blood—their spirits, souls, bodies, hearts, minds, and will.

We ask You, Holy Spirit, to restore them in Jesus and include them in all we now pray. We stand in total agreement with You, Holy Spirit, and with all those praying for us by the spirit of God and by the Spirit of God alone.

God, our Father, in all we now pray we include everyone in our families and all whom You’ve placed under the influence of our prayers. We dedicate our families to You. We place each member of our families under Your care and protection. We pray You would release Your power and put a barrier of protection around all of us, to protect us all from all danger, temptation, evil, bad influences, illness, and injury.

We pray for Your blessing on our families. We pray all of us would treat each other with love, respect, affection, and appreciation.